Welcome to ISSW2020

The International SPAD Sensor Workshop

Focused on the study, modeling, design, fabrication, and characterization of SPAD sensors.

Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) June 2020

Owing to the Covid-19 crisis, ISSW2020 will be run as a virtual conference this year.

Please note that registrations are now closed.

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ISSW 2020

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The International SPAD Sensor Workshop focuses on the study, modeling, design, fabrication, and characterization of SPAD sensors. The workshop welcomes all researchers, practitioners, and educators interested in SPADs, SPAD imagers, and associated applications, not only in imaging but also in other fields.

The second edition of the workshop will gather experts in all areas of SPADs and SPAD related applications using Internet virtual conference technology. Over 20 invited speakers will animate three days of study, information dissemination, and debates.


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We are most grateful to the following sponsors for supporting the International SPAD Sensor Workshop.

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Steering Committee

  • Sara Pellegrini ST Microelectronics, United Kingdom
  • Robert K Henderson Edinburgh University, United Kingdom
  • David Stoppa AMS, Switzerland
  • Alberto Tosi Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Edoardo Charbon EPFL AQUA, Switzerland
  • Claudio Bruschini EPFL AQUA, Switzerland


ISSW 2020 will be run primarily as a virtual conference this year from the University of Edinburgh

Arthur's Seat

A SPAD recording of Edinburgh, our beautiful city.

Workshop Programme

The ISSW 2020 Workshop Programme is listed below.

Monday 8th June 2020

BST 08:45-9:00 Welcome and Introduction
Robert Henderson, University of Edinburgh
(Speaker Local Time BST 08:45-9:00)


SESSION Chair: Sara Pellegrini
BST 09:00-9:40 Charge-Focusing SPAD Image Sensors for Low Light Imaging Applications
Kazuhiro Morimoto, Canon
(Speaker Local Time BST+8 17:00-17:40)

BST 09:40-10:20 Custom silicon technologies for high detection efficiency SPAD arrays
Angelo Gulinatti, Politecnico di Milano
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 10:40-11:20)

BST 10:20-11:00 LFoundry: SPAD, status and perspective
Giovanni Margutti, LFoundry
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 11:20-12:00)

BST 11:00-11:15 Break

SESSION Chair: Sara Pellegrini
BST 11:15-11:55 Device and method for a precise breakdown voltage detection of APD/SPAD in a dark environment
Alexander Zimmer, XFAB
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 12:15-12:55)

BST 11:55-12:35 Ge on Si SPADs for LIDAR and Quantum Technology Applications
Douglas Paul, University of Glasgow
(Speaker Local Time BST 11:55-12:35)

BST 12:35-13:30 Lunch

SESSION Chair: Edoardo Charbon
BST 13:30-14:10 3D-Stacked SPAD in 40/45nm BSI Technology
Georg Rohrer, AMS
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 14:30-15:10)

BST 14:10-14:50 BSI SPAD arrays based on wafer bond technology
Werner Brockherde, Fraunhofer
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 15:10-15:50)

BST 14:50-15:30 Planar Microlenses for SPAD sensors
Norbert Moussy, CEA-LETI
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 15:50-16:30)

BST 15:30-15:45 Break


SESSION Chair: Edoardo Charbon
BST 15:45-16:25 3D Integrated Frontside Illuminated Photon-to-Digital Converters: Status and Applications
Jean-Francois Pratte, University of Sherbrooke
(Speaker Local Time BST-5 10:45-11:25)

BST 16:25-17:05 Combining linear and SPAD-mode diode operation in pixel for wide dynamic range CMOS optical sensing
Matthew Johnston, Oregon State University
(Speaker Local Time BST-8 08:25-09:05)

Tuesday 9th June 2020


SESSION Chair: David Stoppa
BST 08:00-08:40 ToF Image Sensor Systems using SPADs and Photodiodes
Simon Kennedy, Monash University
(Speaker Local Time BST+9 17:00-17:40)

BST 08:40-09:20 A 1.1 mega-pixels vertical avalanche photodiode (VAPD) CMOS image sensor for a long range time-of-flight (TOF) system
Yukata Hirose, Panasonic
(Speaker Local Time BST+8 16:40-17:20)

BST 09:20-10:00 Single photon detector for space active debris removal and exploration
Alexandre Pollini, CSEM
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 10:20-11:00)

BST 10:00-10:15 Break


SESSION Chair: David Stoppa
BST 10:15-10:55 4D solid state LIDAR – NEXT Generation NOW
Unsal Kabuk, IBEO
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 11:15-11:55)

BST 10:55-11:35 Depth and Intensity LiDAR imaging with Pandion SPAD array
Salvatore Gnecchi, OnSemi
(Speaker Local Time BST 10:55-11:35)

BST 11:35-12:15 256 x 16 SPAD Array and 16-Channel Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Driver for Automotive LIDAR
André Srowig, ELMOS
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 12:35-13:15)

BST 12:15-13:30 Lunch


SESSION Chair: Alberto Tosi
BST 13:30-14:10 LIDAR using SPADs in the visible and short-wave infrared
Gerald Buller, Heriot-Watt University
(Speaker Local Time BST 13:30-14:10)

BST 14:10-14:50 InP-based SPADs for Automotive Lidar
Mark Itzler, Argo AI
(Speaker Local Time BST-5 09:10-09:50)

BST 14:50-15:30 Custom Focal Plane Arrays of SWIR SPADs
Erik Duerr, MIT Lincoln Labs
(Speaker Local Time BST-5 09:50-10:30)

BST 15:30-15:45 Break

Sensor Architectures

SESSION Chair: Alberto Tosi
BST 15:45-16:25 CMOS SPAD Sensors with Embedded Smartness
Angel Rodriguez-Vasquez, University of Seville
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 16:45-17:25)

BST 16:25-17:05 Modelling TDC Circuit Perfromance for SPAD Sensor Arrays
Daniel van Blerkom, Ametek (Forza)
(Speaker Local Time BST-8 08:25-09:05)

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Imaging Applications

SESSION Chair: Robert Henderson
BST 9:00-9:40 Data processing of SPAD sensors for high quality imaging
Chao Zhang, Adaps Photonics
(Speaker Local Time BST+7 16:00-16:40)

BST 09:40-10:20 Scalable, Multi-functional CMOS SPAD arrays for Scientific Imaging
Leonardo Gasparini, FBK
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 10:40-11:20)

BST 10:20-11:00 Small and Smart SPAD Pixels
Edoardo Charbon, EPFL
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 11:20-12:00)

BST 11:00-11:15 Break

Microscopy Applications

SESSION Chair: Robert Henderson
BST 11:15-11:55 High-resolution imaging of the spatio-temporal dynamics of protein interactions via fluorescence lifetime imaging with SPAD arrays
Simon Ameer-Beg, King's College
(Speaker Local Time BST 11:15-11:55)

BST 11:55-12:35 Image scanning microscopy with classical and quantum correlation contrasts
Ron Tenne, Weizmann Institute
(Speaker Local Time BST+2 13:55-14:35)

BST 12:35-14:30 Lunch

Spectroscopy and Tomography Applications

SESSION Chair: Claudio Bruschini
BST 13:30-14:00 Imaging oxygenation by near-infrared optical tomography based on SPAD image sensors
Martin Wolf, ETH Zurich
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 14:30-15:00)

BST 14:10-14:50 Raman spectroscopy utilizing a time resolving CMOS SPAD line sensor with a pulsed laser excitation
Ilkka Nissinen, University of Oulu
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 14:10-14:50)

BST 14:50-15:05 Break

Emerging Applications

SESSION Chair: Claudio Bruschini
BST 15:05-15:45 Optical wireless communication with SPAD receivers
Horst Zimmermann, TU Wien
(Speaker Local Time BST+1 16:05-16:45)

BST 15:45-16:25 SPAD Arrays for Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
Andreas Velten, University of Wisconsin
(Speaker Local Time BST-6 09:45-10:25)

BST 16:25-16:30 Workshop closing remarks
Robert Henderson, University of Edinburgh
(Speaker Local Time BST 16:25-16:30)

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Registration is now closed for the ISSW2020 conference.

Important Dates:

  • Thursday 9th April 2020 : Final Program Announcement
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  • Monday 8th June 2020 : Start of ISSW2020 Conference

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